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Take care of your SPIRIT too!

Lily Bulb : Courtesy of & Secret of Longevity by Dr. Mao Shing Ni

We all know that we have our physical and mental health that we need to always take care of but what about our spirit or soul's health?  I was reading and came across certain herbs that can help nurture your spirit and soul.  I found this so fun and interesting...I just had to share!  Here is a list of some that I found....

Lily Bulb: "restores joy and eases sadness."

Dragon Bone: "maintains stability and lessens anger and depression."

Bamboo Shaving: "Dispels undue worry."

Chinese Senega Root: "Promotes clarity and calms excessive excitement and anxiety."

Right now...I think I am in the stage of needing some Bamboo Shavings asap...! I gotta go get some! :-) How about you?

Get rid of your non-stick pans!


I just bought these two stainless steel pans after reading how dangerous non-stick pans are! When you use a non-stick pan...there are tests that prove that they can release potentially cancerous particles.  I was so upset when I read this!  It says to buy your pots and pans made out of one of the following materials instead: Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Copper and/or anodized aluminum

#betterYOUtip: I know it can be overwhelming to sit there and buy a whole new set of cookware so start small! Buy one or two of your most used pots and then slowly add to the collection! #youcandoit   

Mind - Body - Soul #betterYOUday

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Grow an indoor garden in your home!

 Indoor plants can cleanse your indoor air of chemicals & they can also release blood-enriching oxygen.  

A few of my favorites are the Bamboo Palm, Peace Lily (pictured above) & the English Ivy. (These three plants cleanse your air.)  

Mind - Body - Soul #betterYOUday


The benefits of Chia Seeds

Some of the major benefits chia seeds have are: they are loaded with antioxidants, have tons of fiber, are high in quality protein, are high in Omega-3 Fatty Acids, are high in many important bone nutrients and many much more! I like to add it to my protein shake, oatmeal and sometimes I mix it into my pancakes too.