Mind - Body - Soul #betterYOUday

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Eat your artichokes to help support your liver!  The next time it's at the grocery store, pick it up and add it to your dinner! The benefits are well worth it! :-) 

Mind - Body - Soul #betterYOUday

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Eat your nuts and seeds everyday to stay young and healthy!  

When you eat your nuts and seeds everyday (just a handful is enough), you improve circulation and muscle tone!

I try to keep some nuts always in my bag or in my office just to have when I get a little hungry!  Its a great quick snack! Below is a picture of the current nuts I am obsessed with!!!  Of course...I had to get something with a little chocolate in it! :-)  

Remember...betterYOUday is all about taking baby steps to becoming the person you want to be...! :-)

Mind - Body - Soul #betterYOUday

I keep this bottle next to my sink to clean my fruits & vegetables.

You can also buy a bottle thats ready to go!

#betterYOUtip:  Have a bottle of white vinegar and water next to your sink to clean your fruits & vegetables! 

Directions: Put 1 part white vinegar and 3 parts water in a spray bottle next to your sink so you can easily clean your fruits & vegetables! This simple spray bottle can clean up to 98% of pesticides, bacteria & dirt that can be on your produce! I love this cause it's simple, effective and realistic to do!  

Mind - Body - Soul #BetterYOUday!

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I drink warm water with lemon every morning!  (Sometimes I put some fresh ginger or even cayenne pepper in it too.)  

Drinking this everyday helps flush out toxins, aids digestion, help nourish brain and nerve cells, prevents the formations of wrinkles and acne and so much more!