Congratulations Apostolia Zoi On The Great Job Yesterday!


We all congratulate Apostolia Zoi for doing an amazing job singing and re-enacting Kalomira's 2008 Eurovision performance for the show "Your Face Sounds Familiar".  She not only did an excellent job but also won FIRST place yesterday!!! Bravo Apostolia! Keep up the great work! 

Follow My Cooking Board On Pinterest!

This is the Pinterest recipe that I tried out! Read my notes below! 

This is how mine turned out!!! :-)

So now that I am officially a mother...I really had to step up my game in cooking! So I started going on pinterest and trying out all these meals. I made a list of the dishes that came out delicious. Feel free to try! You can also read my notes on the bottom to get any tips or extra info. 

This dish that I made came out so freaking good. It tasted like a chicken francese type of meal (lemon chicken taste). I served over artichoke pasta and some steamed vegetables on the side! If you try it out...send me some pictures so I can see! 

Link to my board: https://www.pinterest.com/KALOM1RA/foods-that-i-cooked-and-enjoyed-read-my-notes-belo/

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