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Eat your artichokes to help support your liver!  The next time it's at the grocery store, pick it up and add it to your dinner! The benefits are well worth it! :-) 

Mind - Body - Soul #betterYOUday

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Take Charge Of Your Health! 

After the health scare involving one of our sons...one of the BIGGEST LESSONS I learned was taking charge of your health.  I realized that doctors and medical professionals are so knowledgable and of course save many lives but as individuals we have to be pro-active too!  We should read up on the latest research on advances and ask our doctors for other alternatives or ways to better our health. Of course we can help ourselves by eating right, exercising and reducing stress but even more...get involved and learn as much as you can about your own personal health.  Everything helps! 

Mind - Body - Soul #betterYOUday

Avoid Food In A Can As Much As Possible !

I just read this and found it so interesting I had to share! Their is a substance in canned food that acts like a hormone when it enters our body.  These chemicals can cause breast cancer, endometriosis, prostate cancer, cystic ovaries and more!   SCARY!   I think it's good to know this information and we should just try our best to eat as much fresh food as we can! #betterYOUdaytip

Mind - Body - Soul #betterYOUday

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Get your sleep in! Getting a good night sleep is very important for your health! It's recommended to have a night-time routine that will help calm your mind and get you ready to get your zzzz's in.  Some rituals to do before bed are... taking a hot bubble bath with calming salts, reading, listening to music, praying, etc. Anything that works for you! 

Mind - Body - Soul #betterYOUday

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I thought this was interesting and wanted to share!  If you can...choose powdered and/or liquid vitamins over pill vitamins! 

I was reading up about vitamins and what kinds to take and never knew that powered and/or liquid vitamins are the best way to take vitamins. Better than vitamin pills!! Now don't get me wrong...obviously the BEST way to get the nutrients and vitamins your body needs is by eating a nutritious and wide-ranging diet rich in whole foods!  This is important to remember! I just thought it was cool that powdered vitamins are better absorbed than pill vitamins because before I got pregnant..thats what I took! Also when I was in Greece I remember always drinking a powdered vitamin! Now that I'm pregnant...not to sound like a hypocrite...my prenatal vitamins are both a pill you swallow and a pill you chew!  But when I'm done with pregnancy...I will go back to my powdered! 

Mind - Body - Soul #betterYOUday

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Eat your nuts and seeds everyday to stay young and healthy!  

When you eat your nuts and seeds everyday (just a handful is enough), you improve circulation and muscle tone!

I try to keep some nuts always in my bag or in my office just to have when I get a little hungry!  Its a great quick snack! Below is a picture of the current nuts I am obsessed with!!!  Of course...I had to get something with a little chocolate in it! :-)  

Remember...betterYOUday is all about taking baby steps to becoming the person you want to be...! :-)

Mind - Body - Soul #betterYOUday

Try to eat your beans & grains daily.

  1. They are powerful antioxidants! They help prevent can-cer and help you see, hear & smell better! 
  2. *Eat a variety of colors throughout the week to make sure you get all your vitamins!  For example: green lentils, red beans, yellow chickpeas, white soy beans and dark black beans! 

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