Ten Years of Kalomira!

Ten years ago, Kalomira appeared on Fame Story 2 for the first time and the world fell in love with her! No one knew who she was; only that she was from New York. Her first words, "Yiasas Ellada!" were all it took for the Greeks to welcome her with open arms. Not only did she win the crowd over with her talent, but with her loving, welcoming, warm, and genuine personality. Three months later, she would be announced as the winner of Fame Story 2. 

It's now ten years later, and Kalomira has released six albums and four singles. She competed and placed third in the 2008 Eurovision contest. She has hosted multiple shows, appeared on soap operas, and worked with many major artists. She has also toured the world and has been affiliated with many non-profit organizations. A list of all her accomplishments would be endless! Watch the videos to get a glimpse of what Kalomira has brought into our lives. 

As for us on the Kalomira Team, we cannot imagine a world without her. She has changed our lives for the better. She shows us that there is still such a thing as pure and real. 

Happy 10 Year Anniversary Kalomira! We love you and are honored to be a part of your Team!


The Kalomira Team Family

Kalomira's first performance on Fame Story 2!

Kalomira on Access Hollywood in 2004 during the Summer Olympics!

Kalomira on The Today Show in 2004 interviewed by Katie Couric!

An overview of Kalomira's accomplishments over the years!

Kalomira on Pio Poly tin Kyriaki!

Kalomira represented Greece in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest with the song 'Secret Combination'.

Kalomira performs at the Greek National Eurovision 2009 Final!