My Demetri

Our last day in the hospital.

Our little Demetri had been in the hospital for about two weeks and finally came home about two weeks ago. We're so happy and relieved that he's doing so much better. After rushing him to the hospital with a breathing problem and droopy eye lids, the doctors concluded that he had Myasthenia Gravis. It is a rare neurological dis-ease, and even rarer in two year olds, but we are so grateful that he is doing so much better and feel ready for this new journey in our lives. We want to thank all of the doctors at Fairfax Children's Hospital in Virginia and of course National Children's Hospital in DC for the excellent care they provided to our son. They are all heroes in those hospitals and deserve the uttermost respect.

George and I were also so appreciative to our families for all of their love and support during this struggle. In our time of need, a kind word really went a long way and really gave us hope and strength when we needed it the most. 

George and I were so touched and moved by the parents we met whose children were also in the hospital with even more severe difficulties then our son. Their strength, courage, and love really left a mark on us. I always prayed for children to get better and visited children’s hospitals to spend some time with the kids there...but this time it was different. My son was on the other side and the massive pain George and I were feeling was just indescribable. I wish that NO parent would have to go through any of this ever. I realized even more how grateful we should be for our health. I wish and pray that we find cures to all the dis-eases that are out there. The more research we are able to do for dis-eases, the better we will be equipped, God forbid, when someone is affected by them.   

Please find it in your heart to donate to a cause today. Whether it be for Myasthenia Gravis, World Hunger, Ca-ncer, or something that moves you. Here are links to some of the charities that I am passionate about, but please feel free to send me some links of others so I can add them to my list. 

I am wishing for all of you and your families to have a lifetime of HEALTH, PEACE, LOVE & EVERYDAY SMILES, no matter what comes your way. Let us pray together for all people, little and big to be able to be healthy and strong. With our prayers and love...we just might be able to change the world....

*note: the words dis-eases and ca-ncer are purposly written like that to weaken their energy. 

Charities to Donate: 

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World Hunger Donate:

Ca-ncer Donate:

Clean Water Donate:

Child Fund:

St. Jude’s Children’s Hopsital Donate:

Hamogelo Tou Paidiou (Smile of the Child) Donate:

Save the Children Donate:

ALS Donate:

Doctors Without Borders Donate:

United Way Donate:

The Lucky Girls Donate:

Fairfax Children’s Hospital Donate:

Children’s National Hospital Donate:

Project Hope for Greece Donate:

Desmos Donate: 

One Greece Donate: 

Brother’s Brother Foundation Donate:

Boys & Girls Club Donate:

Michael Morones Donate: