George Boosalis

My little Demetri tries out Flying!

Demetri loves going to this place called iFLY! It's like an indoor skydiving place! I was so nervous but he really wanted to do it and so he loved it so much we took him again! You can watch the video where he is with the instructor flying! It's so cute! I haven't tried it myself cause I'm pregnant right now but my husband and son seemed to LOVE it! I would recommend it as something fun to try! 

Throwback Thursday!


Throwback Thursday!  To the left (1995) is a picture of my husband George and I when we were 12 and 10 years old! We were at my cousin's engagement party!!! To the right is a picture of us on our wedding day! Shout out to my Thea Faye for taking the picture on the left!!!