Greece’s sweetheart and pop phenomenon... 

Greece’s sweetheart and pop phenomenon won everyone’s heart when she won the popular Greek show, Fame Story 2 (most compared to American Idol). Kalomira was an instant success. She went on to release six albums, one of which went Gold; three singles; and merchandise including accessories, make-up, and karaoke machines, etc. Kalomira instantly became part of Greece’s elite. In 2008, she was voted by the people of Greece to represent them in the Eurovision Song Contest. She won 3rd place (the second highest in Greece’s history) and was exposed to countries all over Europe. Her song, "Secret Combination," hit #1 in countries all over the world. 

Kalomira has worked with and endorsed many franchises and clothing companies. Some include Dominos Pizza, JLo, and Everest (Greek fast food chain). She has acted on the classic Greek soap opera, Lampsi; has hosted the hit show Big in Japan; and co-hosted the shows Pio Poly Tin Kyriaki and Proinos Cafes.

She has had her own radio segment on Rythmos 94,9 and has won numerous awards including, "Woman of the Year," "Entertainer of the Year," and "Best New Artist." In America, Kalomira has appeared on shows like NBC's Today Show and AccessHollywood. She was chosen to perform for FOX's Greek Independence Day Parade where she was interviewed by FOX News and appeared in the Washington Post, New York Times, and Newsday. She is deeply involved in many charities including Elipida, Hamogelo tou Paidiou, St. Judes, Lucky Girls, and many more.

The one person who taught Kalomira the most about life was her uncle, Chris Sarantis. He gave her the will power to fight for her dreams and to never give up! This very special and unique man, who we all love and miss greatly, was one of the biggest inspirations in her life. In Kalomira's words, Theo Chris was "my best friend, my mentor, and the best uncle a girl could ever have."